Daily Operation

Everyday, before you load your outdoor stove, you will want to pull the ash and coal pile to the front of your firebox.  Make it into a heaping pile, then load your organic fuel on and behind the coal pile.  The fire will burn through the coal pile and into the fresh organic fuel, burning coal to ash much better.

Another benefit of raking ashes forward each day is that it will make it easier when you need to empty the ashes, ever 4-6 weeks.  The ashes will already be in the front, and more of the firebox is available for heat transfer to the water jacket.  This will make your outdoor stove work faster and burn less fuel!  If you allow your outside furnace firebox to fill half way up with ashes, you will minimize the heat transfer area and will have a tough time finding room for wood.

At least once a week grease the solenoid. As with any maintenance around the electrical, we recommend disconnecting the power first. We recommend using a Di-Electric grease on the solenoid shaft to prevent rusting and allow free movement of the solenoid. A regular grease will also work if needed. This will extend the life of the solenoid.