Design Changes

Front Plate Isolation

Over the years we have seen an issue from over heating were a crack develops at the door frame corners. The real problem is that the crack will work it’s way to the water jacket were is begins to leak.

While this happens in a small percentage of the stoves, less then 3%, it is a significant enough of a problem we wanted to address it.

The key is in isolating the plate the door frame attaches to from the plate that makes up the front of the water jacket. In this way even it a crack does develop from over heating, the crack can not reach the water jacket.

We do this by extending the firebox through the water jacket plate, the door frame is then welded to it’s own plate and if cracks develop they can not reach the water jacket.


Damper Door Latch

From time to time creosote can build up on the damper door, which acts like glue for the on the damper door. This can even prevent the stove from operating properly and shorten the life of the solenoid that operates the damper.

While not a replacement for proper maintenance and proper cleaning, we have added a damper door latch to aid in the opening of the door. This latch will pry open the door as it begins to open the door.