Old Stove Issues

Repairing Door Corner Cracks

Over the years we have seen an issue from over heating were a crack develops at the door frame corners. The real problem is that the crack will work it’s way to the water jacket were is begins to leak.

While this has been address with the new stove, the older stove may see this issue.

The key is in isolating the plate the door frame attaches to from the plate that makes up the front of the water jacket. In this way even it a crack does develop from over heating, the crack can not reach the water jacket.

To do this to an existing stove, the following steps are employed.

First we remove the front barn steel to expose the front plate. When then take detailed measurements of the front door from to insure we can replace it to it’s exact location on reassembly.

Next we cut the door and door frame from the stove, leaving about an inch of the from plate attached. This will be used to re-weld it to the new plate later. At this time we also repair any damage to the door from it’s self, cracks or plate separation.

Then we cut out the existing from plate out to the edge of the firebox.

This leaves the stove’s water jacket plate only up to the firebox. All cracks are repaired and the water jacket is pressure tested for leaks. This insures the stove will be in good working order when complete.

Next we attach a new plate to the front of the stove. The outside diameter is past the opening to allow welding inside and out. The door hole is placed based on the previous measurements to insure proper location on the door frame. We re-pressure test the stove to insure none of the welding has created any new issues and the stove is still properly sealed.

Then the door frame is reattached to the front of the stove. Again the previous measurements are used to insure exact realignment of the door frame. The frame is welded inside and out.

New angle is added for the barn steel, this angle is cut back to compensate for the door frame actually sticking out farther from the new plate. Everything is painted to prevent rusting.

Before the door is put on, it is check for damage and repaired.

Finally the stove is reassembled, tested, caulked, and ready for service.

The total cost of this repair is $675.00 + $40.50 tax = $715.50.

While this is not a warranty issue, the warranty covers corrosion issues, we do not what to leave our customers holding the bag and will share in the cost of the repair.

To see about getting this or any other repair work done, call 231-796-1483.