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Installing the Skirting Kit

What you will need

Tin snips or other tool for cutting the siding.

5/16” Nut Driver for using the self tapping metal screws provided.

Impact Driver / Drill to install the metal screws.
Note: Impact works best, if you use a drill you may want to use a 3/32” drill bit to create pilot holes with.

outdoor wood stove skirt tools

Step 1

The first thing you must do is create a base frame. The wood and screws/nails for this are not provided. Using 2 x 4s works best but what you use may vary based on were and how your stove is sitting.

 outdoor wood stove skirt frame

The outside dimensions of the frame should match the inside dimensions of the steal housing. Because each stove can very slightly, you must measure your stove, the closer your dimensions the straighter the skirting will sit.

Step 2

Place the sheets around the stove. Notice that the sheets have two different edges to them, one with an extra lip and the other without the lip.

outdoor wood boiler skirtingoutdoor wood boiler skirting

The side without the lip sits on top of the edge with the lip. Lay the sheets out so all the overlaps are aligned correctly. Set the piece against the existing side aligning the ribs you can then mark the point at which each piece will need to be cut at the corners of the stove.

outdoor wood stove skirting

The starting edge will only need the rib cut off. You never cut an edge that will meet in the middle, even if it goes under the other sheet. The stove size will determine the size of the second sheet, this first sheet is always the full sheet with the leading rib cut off.

outdoor wood furnace skirting

Step 3

Before you begin, look under the edge of the roof, there should be several screws along the top of the side sheeting. If not you will need to add them to hold the sides in place while you proceed with this step. Failure to do this and the entire side will come off and realigning the side will be difficult.
Note: Serial numbers before x2016084 will not have them in place.

outdoor stove parts

Remove all the screws around the bottom edge of the stove, including corner pieces.

outdoor furnace skirt screw

On the corners remove the top screw as well to remove them completely. Keep track of were they came from and the orientation to the holes, this will insure they will line back up when you are reassembling the sides.

Step 4

Insert the skirting sheet under the existing side pieces. Before you add the screws, insure the ribs are lined up and straight between the existing side and the skirting. Also check the bottom edge, uneven ground may require lifting one end to make the ribs line up correctly.

outdoor boiler skirting bottom edge

Replace the original screws over the new skirting piece, using the existing holes in the bottom of the sides. You will need to drive the screw through the new skirting piece, but the holes will already exist in the under side angles.

outdoor wood boiler skirting install

Screw the new skirting piece to the bottom frame. Insure that the frame is all the way to the bottom as it may twist. Insure the entire bottom is not going to move around as you work you way around the stove.

Step 5

Along the back you will need to fit the pieces to fit under the back door, cutting the tops off.

outdoor wood stove skirting rear

Because there will be no angle alone the top of the back pieces, you may wish to add additional boards alone the back to help hold these pieces in place. The back door will be above the pieces.

Step 6

Add the corner pieces, note that there is a protective plastic coating on them that needs to be removed first.

outdoor wood stove skirting corners

The pieces go under the existing corners. Replace the original screws and add one at the bottom of each corner piece.


Replace the back door, you will need to put it on backwards to the way you took it off, leaving the lip to cover the top of the back steel pieces.

outdoor wood furnace skirting back

outdoor wood furnace skirting complete



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