Water Samples

Water Samples

The EZBoiler Stove Outdoor Furnace is made out of mild steel, and you know mild steel left untreated will corrode.  We use Sodium Nitrate for corrosion protection.  Basically, Sodium Nitrate removes oxygen, and without oxygen there will be no corrosion.

We maintain the levels of Sodium Nitrate by requesting one water sample, from the water jacket, per year.  The test is free, we are checking the dilution of Sodium Nitrate.

The amount of Sodium Nitrate in the water should be between 1000 and 2500 parts per million.

Send your water samples to:
1445 170th Ave.
Hersey, MI 49639

If your test is over 2500 parts per million you should drain some of the water and add fresh water to dilute the sodium nitrate solution. Too much sodium nitrate solution can attack soft metals and gaskets, damaging pumps and fittings.
Let run for a couple of days, and send us a new sample.

If your test is below 1000 parts per million you need to add more of the sodium nitrate solution.
0-400 Add approximately a half gallon.
400-800 Add approximately a quart.
800+ Add approximately a half quart.
Let run for a couple of days, and send us a new sample.
Repeat as often as needed.

Note: Sometimes we get samples without a zip code shown, if this is the case your sample may be under the 49639 zip code.

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