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Located in Hersey, Michigan, and servicing the midwest United States, we manufacture and sell quality-built outdoor wood & coal fueled stoves. They are a water boiler style design that works with your existing central heating system in your home. Our outdoor wood stoves are  equally suited to structures that don’t already have heating duct work, such as pole barns and garages. We build our furnaces to withstand harsh weather and heavy use. Please give us a call or text us at:  (231) 823-2499

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1st driveway south of the Wolverine Power Co-op.


EZ Boilers wood boilers factory direct sales and service

EZ Boilers outdoor wood stoves Free Tech Support 7 Days A Week


Free Consultation!

We know that the purchase of an outdoor wood furnace is a major investment that should not be treated lightly. That’s why Tim makes himself available 7 days a week to answer customers’ questions. Give him a call or text him at (231) 823-2499, 8 AM to 9 PM Eastern time, for a FREE consultation regarding your personal heating needs. He will provide honest advice, with no sales pressure and no obligation.

EZ Boilers wood burning stove delivered to customer's exact site.
Customer installation

Spring and Summer Special Deal.

Two EZ Boilers models are now on sale! 

Order now to ensure delivery by Fall.


EZ-Classic 5,000 sq.ft. model

Regular Price = $5,999

Sale Price = $5,599

Would you like a discount?

Special cash only discount price = $5,199!!!

A very EZ way to save an extra $400!



EZ-Pro 7,500 sq.ft.  model

Regular Price = $6,599

Sale Price = $6,199

Would you like a discount?

Special cash only discount price = $5,799!!!

A very EZ way to save an extra $400! 

(“Cash only” means exactly that. Payment by credit cards, checks, money orders, etc., do NOT qualify for the $400 discount. No exceptions!)

Accessories kit for basic new installations is an additional $999, a significant saving over what you would pay by purchasing the components separately.

For a limited time, delivery is $99 within 500 miles driving distance from Hersey, Michigan, a saving of $301!

Our standard delivery charge is $400 within 500 miles driving distance from Hersey, MI, which is far less than normal freight delivery for such a large item.  We will personally transport the stove and set it in place for you. There is an additional charge of $2 per extra mile for deliveries farther than 500 miles from our factory. However, there will be no hidden charges. You will know the complete delivered cost before you buy. And you don’t pay for the stove until it is delivered, and you are satisfied that it is all that you hoped it would be.



Turn right at the first driveway south of the Wolverine Power Co-op.


The heating season is a very long one in the upper midwest. 

Don’t keep giving your money to the heating fuel company.

Order an EZ Boiler outdoor wood boiler today, and beat next year’s fuel price increases.

“Excellent value and exceptional performance”

“After having brand X for many years and finding cracks in the water jacket this season, I investigated a replacement with almost every wood fired boiler available to heat 3,000 square feet. After calling many manufactures to speak to someone that knew the product I found the common reply was “You will need to call a distributor”. Can I speak to an engineer? “You will have to call a distributor”. So, I did. Only to find they had a somewhat arrogant attitude regarding pricing and installation “secrets”. I have thirty years of wood fired heating experience and found I was spoken to like an idiot.”

“I then came across EZBoiler. I called and spoke to Tim for over 45 minutes explaining my prior experience and what I was looking for. Tim was a breath of fresh air. He listened to my questions and provided details to each question. Without further delay I gave him an order for a unit. Tim shared he was passing through my area and could deliver it within four days AND set in place. Tim arrived on-time and actually aided me in placing the foundation blocks to match the new boilers footprint. He placed the unit and again went over the care and maintenance details. Tim said what he would do, and did what he said he would do.”

“We have fired our new boiler to find it performs exactly as Tim stated it should and would. We are holding 180°f with seasoned hardwoods. The EZBoiler actually uses 20-30% less wood as comparable units costing 2X the cost.
Many thanks Tim and EZBoiler for the professional personal service, great value and a quality product.”
George Flanik

George Flanik

Lodi, Ohio

Five star rating.


More Testimonials

Ezboilers wood boiler stove in operation.

EZ Boiler stove in action. 

Keeps your home warm without the dangers of being installed inside the home.






As a bonus, with each stove purchase we include the sight gauge, our custom built ash rake, a spare solenoid, and one quart of nitrite water treatment for free, a value of $164.00.

How much money can an EZ Boilers Stove save me?

Here are the average heating costs for the 2018-2019 heating season

Fuel Source

Household Usage Forecast

Household Expenditure Prediction

Natural Gas

57.8 Mcf



9,165 kWh


Heating Oil

502.9 gal.


Propane (Northeast)

576.2 gal.


Propane (Midwest)

695.8 gal.


Based on those “average” figures, a home in Michigan being heated by propane will recoup the entire cost of your EZ Boilers wood burner stove in just about four years, assuming that you have a supply of firewood on your property. With proper care, your stove will last 20 to 30 years. That’s a lot of money you can save for more pleasurable uses than enriching the energy companies. Also keep in mind that those fuel costs will very likely increase each and every year! Everyone’s particular situation is different, so their savings will vary. However, it has been our experience that a four to five year payback period is typical.



Production is two weeks out. However, we can have the installation materials shipped to you immediately so that you can get the insulated PEX lines buried before the ground freezes. It is also possible to temporarily install the PEX above ground in the winter. However, sunlight will degrade the PEX tile over time, so you must bury it as soon as possible in the Spring.

Here are some answers about PEX from our supplier:

Q: How deep should this be buried?

A: Only 18 to 24 inches is necessary unless it will be driven over. If it will be driven over it should be buried 3 or more feet or placed within a PVC tube or culvert.

QWhat is the string for?

A: The string which is included with every roll of insulated pipe can be used to pull an electrical, thermostat, tracing wire or whatever through the corrugated tile.

QWhat is the outside diameter of the tile?

A: The 4″ tile has an outside diameter of 4.7″ and the 5″ tile has an outside diameter of 5.7″

QWhat does “Commercial Grade Corrugated Tile” mean?

A: Our corrugated tile is DOT approved for commercial applications which means that it is thicker/stronger than other tile available to the general public.

QHow should the trench for the insulated pipe be prepared?

A: The trench should be free of any rocks or debris. If available the corrugated tile should be surrounded by sand.

QWhat is the difference between “Non Barrier” pex tubing and “Oxygen Barrier” pex tubing?

ANon Barrier pex tubing is used for “open” systems. Systems that are non pressurized. Those being ones that water will need to be added to periodically and that also require a type of water treatment. Oxygen Barrier pex tubing has a coating applied to the exterior of the tubing to prevent oxygen from penetrating the tubing. Oxygen Barrier pex is used for “Closed” systems. Systems that are pressurized and once filled do not require additional water to be added nor do they require a water treatment product.

QHow is this product delivered?

A: Most likely the shipment will be delivered via semi truck. We usually use FedEx Freight Priority Service for our freight shipments. For residential deliveries, the semi MUST be able to access your location easily to deliver your order. If your location is not easily accessible by semi you will need to make other arrangements (e.g. business with loading dock or meet the truck) to receive your order.  FedEx Freight will contact you via phone number that must be provided (usually 1 day prior to delivery) to ensure that they can deliver to your location and that someone will be available to unload and sign for the delivery. It is always best is the order can be delivered to a commercial location.

QHow long before the order is shipped?

A: We always ship within 24 hours from when your order is placed and quite often the same day.


We also sell an accessory kit with the basics needed for a new installation for the great price of $999. The kit includes:

  • 75 Feet 3 Wrap Insulated PEX Line

  • Heat Exchanger for indoor furnace

  • 20 Plate Heat Exchanger for hot water heater

  • Small pump. Will pump 100 ft. horizontally and 10 ft. vertically

  • 2 – 1″ Ball Valve Pump Flanges

This package can also be customized to fit your needs, and prices adjusted accordingly. We want to sell you everything you need for the installation, but only what you need. 

Call or text: (231) 823-2499




Prices   Here is where you can see standard prices & specifications for our products & services.

Get Financing    A simple online application site for financing your purchase.

Stove Plumbing     Shows you how to plumb the stove and distribution system.

SupplyHouse.com   Offers a wide selection of plumbing parts at good prices.

FAQ    Frequently asked questions.

Contact Us   Send us an email, or call (231) 823-2499.

EZBoilers Photos    Miscellaneous photos related to our business.

Owner’s Manual PDF    Downloadable PDF file. (Not updated as often as our online Owner’s Manual )

 Ezboilers Videos    Some helpful videos about the stove’s routine operation & maintenance.


Home heating uel prices to increase for winter of 2018 to 2019.

The propane price outlook for 2018-2019 projects a 20% price increase due to increased demand and higher exports to other countries.

   Propane 20% Price Increase!!!

The home heating cost outlook for 2018-2019 projects price increases for all heating fuels, with an average increase per customer of 10.5%.

Winter Heating Bills To Soar!!!

Don’t be a slave to the heating company’s price increases!

How can you save money on your heating bill?

Order an EZ Boilers outdoor wood burning stove today!!!

Our EZ-Pro 7,500 sq.ft. model is identical to the EZ-Classic except that it has a deeper firebox. 


Professional installation is available, starting at $1,800 for a basic no-dig install.   

Choosing the right size stove

Our EZ-Classic holds 125 gallons of water and heats up to 5,000 sq.ft. of living space. Our EZ-Pro holds 150 gallons of water and heats up to 7,500 sq.ft. of living space. Many people opt for our larger stove just in case they decide later to heat an additional building. The total amount of water in the system varies depending upon the amount of PEX water pipe needed for any particular installation.

The water capacity of each stove has been engineered for maximum efficiency and operation. A larger water tank would allow the stoves to cycle on and off less frequently. However, during milder weather, the time period between cycles would become great enough to result in a smoldering pile of ashes and wood that struggles to come back to life when needed. It would also cause more smoke and damaging creosote formation. Our outdoor wood boilers are designed to produce a smooth, steady transfer of heat that keeps your home warm and comfortable 24 hours a day.


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Installation Service Details

Important! Don’t  purchase from any dealer until you are sure about what is included in the price. Most dealers display a price for just the stove unit itself. If you honestly find a a lower price for a comparable package at another dealer, give us a call and challenge us to beat their prices. And don’t forget to figure in the delivery costs. These units weigh over half a ton, and require special equipment to move into position. We can do it for you!

90-day money back guarantee!

We have a 90-day money back guarantee on the stove itself (excluding the accessories and delivery charges). We will refund your money for the furnace purchase if you are unhappy with it for any reason at all during that first 90 days.  Most of all, we are here to help you with free advice for any problems you may run into during installation and operation of your new stove. We use one of our stoves to heat our production facility, so we are very aware of what it takes to keep them working properly under real world circumstances. Ezboilers stoves are designed for commercial use. Our focus is on keeping you, our customer, happy.


Why is EZ Boilers the best stove choice?

The price      As a manufacturer, we knew that we couldn’t expand our product line to multiple models unnecessarily without sacrificing quality. We only build 2 stove models: The EZBoiler Classic and The EZBoiler Pro. We determined that these two sizes fully satisfied the needs of most homeowners and small businesses, as well as hobby farmers, and even larger farms that don’t require all of their buildings to be heated. That choice saved a lot of money in tooling and overhead, and we pass the savings on to our valued customers. It also makes it much easier to concentrate our efforts on efficient design and quality. This makes our product more affordable than any of our competitors’ comparable models. For example, Central Boiler franchises dealers to sell their stoves. We sell our wood burning stoves direct from the factory, with no middleman to drive up the price unnecessarily. 

The quality      Each of our stoves is handcrafted from start to finish. There are no assembly lines where mistakes can slip through unnoticed, and harried workers can get sloppy when trying to keep up the pace. We do use state-of-the-art computerized equipment for cutting the components to precise size, thus ensuring uniformity in each unit produced. However, the same workers who perform that function are the ones who complete the entire assembly process. They are not going to permit any shoddy pieces to be cut, because they are the ones who have to put it all together. Moreover, the owner himself is onsite every day, and he personally inspects every stove produced to ensure that each one is up to his standards.

The design      The key difference with our outdoor boilers is the innovative shape of the firebox. Our round firebox is designed for efficient airflow. We carry that smooth-flowing design to the rear of the box as well, not just the sides. We avoid right angles in the box, because that is where creosote builds up, resulting in corrosive failure. By analogy, think about your own house. Where do cobwebs form? At the corners of the room, of course. That’s because air naturally flows in a circular pattern, so the corners have a dead space where the air simply can’t flow. If you don’t clean those cobwebs by hand regularly, they just keep growing bigger. Creosote grows the same way in the right-angled corners of conventional fireboxes. You can’t easily clean those corners in a firebox by hand until the heating season is over. By then, it’s too late, and the damage has been done.

The service      When you call EZBoilers, 99% of the time you will be speaking with Tim, the owner of the company. You can call him 7 days a week. He wants to keep his customers happy. He uses an EZBoiler stove himself. He believes in the quality of his product, and he enjoys nothing better than seeing satisfied customers. He often delivers the stoves himself so that he can meet his customers face-to-face. He goes the extra mile to make things right. You won’t find other manufacturers answering their phones on weekends and holidays. We deliver your new stove to you personally, place it exactly where you want it, and then spend considerable time while there making sure that you understand how to completely install, operate, and maintain the system. 


We strive to be different from other outdoor wood furnace companies. Our product is simply a cut above the competition’s.



We are available by phone for free tech support for as long as you own your stove. Feel free to call us 7 days a week including holidays for help. Problems don’t just crop up Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. We put our customers first. We want to be your partner, not just your dealer, and we strive to be the best partner in the heating industry.

Call or text:

(231) 823-2499


Our round firebox has fewer welds than a square or rectangular design, producing much greater strength.

Our firebox is 5/16″ thick, one of the thickest fireboxes on the market.

Our water jacket is round as well, and constructed of 3/16″ steel. It completely surrounds the firebox, and is fully insulated for added efficiency.

The stove has a 24″ X 24″ steel door, and is insulated with 2200 degree ceramic fiber insulation.

The chimney is 8″ schedule 40 steel, 5/16″ thick.

All welds are 100% penetration. These are some of the heaviest built outdoor furnaces available anywhere!

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about an outdoor furnace option. Outdoor stoves are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. We look forward to helping you select the right model for your needs.

Call or text:

(231) 823-2499

We are a full-service manufacturer. We sell a standard installation kit that gives the do-it-yourself person with average mechanical skills the chance to save money by installing the system yourself. We can talk you through the installation process if you need help. If you prefer, we have professional installation service as well. Most importantly, we are always here to assist you, and answer any questions you may have.  Please call us for details. Unlike some of our competitors, we want to be right up front with all of the costs involved, so our customers won’t be unfairly taken advantage of by a slick-talking salesperson. As the manufacturer and the primary dealer, we will always stand behind our products and services.






Warranty Information

Owner’s Manual

Owner’s Manual PDF

Firewood Preparation


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